Letters From Somnolescent

May 09 2019

The Web is a Shitty App Platform


I'm a big believer in implementing as little as possible to get the task at hand done. I'm as minimalist as it gets. Proprietary, open source—ultimately doesn't matter to me so long as it gets the job done as simply as it can.

So why in fuck's name did we give everything away to the Web?

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April 30 2019

How a Fusion Drive Ate Our Gopher


If you follow Somnolescent, you'll know we're big fans of the gopher protocol and formerly maintained a server at gopher.somnolescent.net for people to come and peek at.

That gopher's offline and likely will be for a little while, and you can thank a Fusion Drive for taking it, along with my entire music library and all the project files and renders for my next album.

So how'd it happen?

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April 27 2019

4/27 - Blogging Still Isn't Cool


A new look, an old CMS, some badgers, some slapcore—it's time for a recap.

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April 25 2019

snake crashes in



The snake is here and ready to rumble, going to screech about Gopher, CCSO, Xfire, and AvantGo or something soon but until then see ya next time, gonna play some Billiards on Wii Play for now


April 25 2019

*heavy breathing*


just played minecraft for 6 hours
how are you all doing?
might draw a cat or something
[EDIT]: at some point I'll use this correctly umu

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April 25 2019

Introducing the Somnolescent Blog


One long-winded night ago, I had the idea of adding a group blog to the site. Maintaining our subsites is fun, but not all of the Somnolians are at that level yet, or have the time to. Plus, it's a little tedious to do it by hand.

I wanted something any one of us can hop on and post about whatever we wanted--rants, rambles, projects, random thoughts, anything of the sort. dcb and I went looking for a PHP-based blogging solution with member functionality, and found it in Nucleus. I think it'll fit the bill quite nicely, and golly, does it look like 2007.

Work's to be done on the design, getting something a little bit more unique, but it's all up and running and functional. Making accounts for everyone now.

March 15 2019

3/15 - Start Again


A Somnolian joins the fray with a new site, and we're visited by a gopher snake. How about a quick recap?

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