Letters From Somnolescent

July 15 2019

7/15 - The Bulb Worshippers Love Almost Everyone


Can you believe it's been two-and-a-half months since the last recap? We don't rush a lot around here, but we do keep busy. Site overhauls, writing, drawing...and possibly a new member?

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July 13 2019

Cammy vs. the PhotoCam


The AOL PhotoCam

I've long liked early digital cameras. There's a really specific era of 95-98 or so where digital cameras were, by some measures, atrocious, and by others, absolutely fantastic. Their bad CCDs, chunky design, and inconsistent featureset makes them fascinating and a topic of my obsession for a few months now. I would absolutely take pictures out and about with one, they're that appealing to me. Having drooled over a few of LGR's long enough, I decided I wanted an early digital camera of my own.

I am still looking. Here's my misadventure for your amusement.

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July 04 2019



I can remember the last time I had a proper Minecraft server with a group of friends. It was in 2012 or so, when a close friend of mine bought me the game and invited me onto his little public server. (Naturally, since we were spergy kids, I was a co-admin. Too many roles and plugins was just what ya did.) His friends were there, and sometimes, even other little kids would pop in to destroy everything because 1.2.5 was horribly broken and you could session steal like a motherfucker. Good times.

The bug for this game has never quite left me, and Caby and some of the other Somnolians having gotten their hands on it prompted me to set up a little server of our own. A lot's been done on it. Lemme show you around.

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June 27 2019

Gopher is not the Web


Every now and then, I see new Gopher clients and sites popping up. And that's great—we're keeping this protocol alive for the next generation. However, I can't help but think some of the methods of doing so is restrictive, only getting the "Gopher is a list of links" part.

Back when NCSA Mosaic came out, it supported the Gopher protocol by generating an HTML equivalent to each menu. The idea of that makes sense; I mean, you already have a web browser that technically is capable of displaying the same content. This behavior has been replicated many times by the major web browsers and fellow gophermeisters over time when implementing Gopher support to client software.

The problem with that, however, is that you miss out on the potential that Gopher menus have to be not just a list of links. It's important to understand that Gopher is as much a file transfer protocol as, say, anonymous FTP is, and it would make an amount of sense to implement it similarly. There are two main features that I would like to see more often in modern Gopher clients that stem from this and I will talk about them now. Get the popcorn.

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June 03 2019

On Purpose


Less a rant and more musings about the pitfalls of storytelling without a goal for your characters, something I see a lot from amateur artists online.

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May 24 2019

Inject heroin into my nutsack


Hello hello!
This is your local crackhead vegetable tuning in

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May 19 2019

Cavy Wars


Hi I'm gonna ramble about my guinea pigs.
Drama, action, suspense and much more

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May 09 2019

The Web is a Shitty App Platform


I'm a big believer in implementing as little as possible to get the task at hand done. I'm as minimalist as it gets. Proprietary, open source—ultimately doesn't matter to me so long as it gets the job done as simply as it can.

So why in fuck's name did we give everything away to the Web?

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April 30 2019

How a Fusion Drive Ate Our Gopher


If you follow Somnolescent, you'll know we're big fans of the gopher protocol and formerly maintained a server at gopher.somnolescent.net for people to come and peek at.

That gopher's offline and likely will be for a little while, and you can thank a Fusion Drive for taking it, along with my entire music library and all the project files and renders for my next album.

So how'd it happen?

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April 27 2019

4/27 - Blogging Still Isn't Cool


A new look, an old CMS, some badgers, some slapcore—it's time for a recap.

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