Letters from Somnolescent April 27, 2019

4/27 – Blogging Still Isn’t Cool

by bulb

A new look, an old CMS, some badgers, some slapcore—it’s time for a recap.

You might notice the site looks a little different from the last time you might’ve been here. Somnolescent, in its ongoing efforts to be as Web 1.0 as possible, has adopted an actual Web 1.0 look, though built modern and mobile-friendly because we’re not cavemen.

(If you’re curious about a bit of internet history, the design was inspired by a very old online diary, Nobody Knows Anything. The person behind it, Diane Patterson, has since adopted a much more modern-looking WordPress site with her name on it.)

Ironically, the other big news of the month concerns the launch of our very much Web 2.0 group blog. Everyone in the collective’s been given carte blanche to post whatever they want to it, and I’m curious to see what shows up on it, especially from those of us without sites. (Writing this skin without any documentation was a massive pain in the ass though umu)

In other news, I put out a record earlier this month, In Free Fall. It’s on Spotify and places. Reviews have been pretty positive, though more music might have to wait.

Capy’s been slowly overhauling parts of her site. Towards the end of last month, she posted a gallery of badger drawings featuring yours truly, uwu.

Unfortunately, computer trouble seems to be the theme of the past month; not only did mon accidentally destroy the logic board to his Macbook during repairs, but my home server (which doubled as my music workstation and our Gopher server) ate its partition table mid-month and everything on it got lost. It’s recovered fine now, but the Gopher server will have to wait to go back up. I’m busy.

It’s really unfortunate too, because we’d finally transitioned onto dcb’s Pituophis server software a few days before it died. Either way, next time you see it, it’ll be all homegrown, no Bucktooth here. Good stuff.

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