Letters from Somnolescent April 2, 2020

Life ‘n Weeb Shit

by borb

Y’all ready for my dick in your ass? Just kidding its borb ready to kick gum and chew ass 0w<

First of all, before we even get this shit started, yes. That is the name of this post. Giving posts stupid, bad, and ridiculous names is what I do and I am physically incapable of naming something seriously unless I’m feeling extra woke about my ideas. Cut me some slack, though. Nothing will ever beat “Inject heroin into my nutsack” .

Anyway! so the world seems to have completely gone off its hinges since I last showed any sign of a pulse here. Quarantines, politicians wearing gas masks in public, people inventing a new way to handshake by bumping elbows, broken schedules for everyone from business officials to crack addicts down the street, my cat dying, just a massive clusterfuck for everyone. But I’m still here I can assure you! I might be here with a few tissues up my nose and a couple doses of Tylenol, but I’m here and I have some shit coming. Don’t you worry. No spoilers though~

Oh yeah, I said something about anime. Onto that so we don’t have to talk anymore about the depressing shit! So, I’m into this really great but also kinda-getting-old-now series called Fullmetal Alchemist. It was a manga and then it got an anime in 2003. Yes. That’s how long ago were talking here. Thing about that, though. The source material it was based on, the manga, had only started in 2001, two years prior. It doesn’t really take a whole lot to see where this is going.

The team in charge of this adaption planned to go off the rails into Make-It-Up-Ourselves Landâ„¢ from the get-go because they were smart and knew they had fuck-all to really work with. The mangaka, Hiromu Arakawa was fine with this and even helped with its production in the end. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. What we got was an adaptation that adapted parts of the manga that existed at the time and the basic premise, but took those ideas a different direction then where the manga would eventually end up.(which was the whole intention)

Flash-forward to 2009, now. Were getting closer to where the story officially finishes telling its tale, its been a few years since the 2003 adaptation first aired, and a new adaptation for the series is coming over the horizon. Titled, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, this adaptation planned to be much more faithful to its now-existent source material and guess what. It was! Outside of a few parts that I never really forgave it for missing out on adapting(we will always remember you, Train Arc), it was definitely more faithful then its not-so-faithful, why-is-the-terminator-in-this older brother. Get it. Brother. Laugh you fuck.

So THAT adaptation comes and goes and left with good reception…but also with a bit of a war in its midst. Not because of anything wrong with the adaptation itself, but because now, even after almost 10 years, people can’t quite seem to get along with each other about which adaptation is superior.

So what’s my take on all this? You’ve got the 2003 adaptation, which adapted the first batch of manga chapters it had greatly and gave us the absolutely fucking iconic, Bratja (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwzAEwzUI8k). However, it goes way-far from what we know now to be canon which is jarring to some people and cool to others. It really depends on your tastes for AUs, really. Then in the other hand, you have Brotherhood, an adaptation that introduced itself pretty poorly to anyone new to the series (I’m so, so sorry if you got into the series with brotherhood) and left out some material I wish it didn’t (WE WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU, TRAIN ARC), but otherwise is a damn well done adaptation that, for the most part, satisfies the palate of anyone who rocks their socks off for anime being faithful to the source material.

To me? Both of them have got things that are good or at least respectable that make them both so well regarded by those who like them. Its kinda like comparing a good slice of pizza with a good plate of spaghetti. They’re both pretty goddamn delicious, but for some reason people still feel the need to compare and pick apart the one they like a bit less and man, its all content for an old but fantastic series that’s just sitting there ripe for the enjoyment. Just appreciate the food that’s been put out there for you to enjoy.

Anyway, I gotta go have some good food myself so I gotta quit my dumbass rambling here, but remember. Eat weebs and chew socks, but remember to wash your damn hands.

PS. I originally tagged this with “i really gotta poo” and it ended up on the main tag masterlist of Letters From Somnolescent. I felt like this was information I had to immortalize by saying it here because it made me choke on my own spit.

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