Letters from Somnolescent April 5, 2020

4/5 – Sites! Sites!! SITES!!!

by bulb

Okay, so the March recap is technically a few days late, but that’s only because we’ve been busy. I mean it. If August is Pennyverse Month, March is Site Month, because damn near every site and subdomain on our network got a massive overhaul. I think it’s safe to say we’ve kicked the winter blues, the cabin fever, whatever you call it–and now we recap.


In news that rocks the very core of the earth, sending shockwaves out through the stars and causing the nebulae to resonate in perfect harmony, borb. Now. Has. Stuff on her site. After a year of having one, yes.

borb's new gallery section
Seriously, there’s six years worth of art here. There’s no reason this shouldn’t be excessive, but after how long it took, I’m fine with it.

Ribbing aside, borb ground hard to have this done in time for the recap, and I’m pretty proud of her for that. As of right now, it’s mostly a few old stories and several years worth of art and commentary, some predating us meeting in the first place.

borb's new writing section
borb, you should write more (because being the only writer in Somnol blows :<)

In any event! Absolutely momentous occasion. Gonna be keeping you to your plans now, Nicole, I hope you know.

monlescent gets a makeover

mon's old site vs his new site
mon’s old site (left) and his new site (right)

Always the quiet one, mon came up out of nowhere with a site redesign of his own after hating the one he debuted with back in August of last year. This one’s pretty stylish in black, and it’s certainly a lot better built than the one before, using CSS grid and custom fonts and all that good stuff.

Apparently, he’s working on some more content for this here group blog, so I’d stay tuned.

Tesserae’s transformation

Tesserae mostly went without a single update after launch in January 2019, and pretty quickly, I realized it was lacking in a lot of ways. I started reworking and rewriting it December of last year, and I wasn’t even planning to get it out the door this month until I suddenly decided to defer half the content.

In its current state, the intro section and the beginner HTML section are done and polished, and the entire thing’s been given a modern-lite redesign thanks to mini.css. You can expect to see new pages start to trickle out soon enough.

Old Tesserae vs new Tesserae
Comparison between Tesserae 1.0 (left) and Tesserae 2.0 (right)

Yes, and the footer works now.

w2krepo beautification

w2krepo before and after
w2krepo pre-facelift (left) and post-facelift (right)

And speaking of redesigns, after w2krepo moved to its own subdomain, dcb took some time to give it a more aesthetically pleasing look than the default Apache folder indices it was rocking before. Must say, that front page is sharp.

m for minimalism

After Caby grew unhappy with her site design (and she’s still working on it, hence why I haven’t mentioned hers), I started thinking about the troubles I was having with my site layout and decided to retool it. Cleaning up the stylesheets and AutoSite templates, widening it, and stripping everything down left things far more pleasing to update and navigate. Only took a day-and-a-half too, thanks to AutoSite being so kickass.

Cammy's old site vs his new site
Comparison between my old site (left) and my new one (right)

I also moved the lossless downloads of my EPs and albums to Bandcamp, where they remain free as always.

Busy, busy! It really has been nice seeing Somnolescent’s sites all get the attention they deserve after having been largely dormant for a few months now. We don’t intend to neglect our sites–the desire just comes and goes. Same with the blog. From the sounds of it, though, mon and borb have more to say here than before, and me and dcb continue to maintain our own blogs if you’re curious what we’re up to.

Of course, I haven’t even mentioned the biggest site overhaul. Yes, Site Month might be over, but we’re not quite done yet…absolutely not. All I can say about that one is to stay tuned for April’s recap. It’s gonna make you nut.

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