Letters from Somnolescent December 25, 2020

Caby Chrimbas Update

by caby

So here it is, Merry Christmas
Everybody’s having fun,,,

Quick Christmas update from the resident cabybaba here. It’s 9am and we’ve finished unwrapping presents, we’ve done all the Christmas morning calls and webcalls, and now I’m sat in my room with far too much chocolate, patiently waiting for lads to wake up in Somnol. Timezones and all that,,,,

So far it’s been a good Christmas, though perhaps a bit melancholy. I lost a near and dear friend this month and I’m still healing. Seeing her presents relabeled for the new guinea pigs hurt a little, but seeing their happy faces helped a lot. They’re still young and they got extremely excited over it all, running about in circles and popcorning. They got more than me this year, amusingly.

I just keep my head up and know she’s up there with her sisters, celebrating the festive season with endless peaflakes and spinach, most likely. In a quiet, sensible manner, of course…

Life goes on, as they say.

Rosemary and Marple, respectively, posing nicely for the camera after filling up on muesli, peaflakes and lettuce.

On the 21st of December, we celebrated Somnolescent’s second birthday, and while I planned to write something ruminating on the past year, I never got around to it. So I might as well do it now in my free patch. While eating oreos. Yes, at 9 in the morning. It’s Christmas, don’t judge me,,,

2018 and 2019 were, to put it nicely, rather explosive years. We gained significantly, but we also lost significantly. Or at least, we thought the losses were significant at the time. In retrospect they weren’t so important. We became cocky, we became paranoid, and as we moved into 2020, our aim, or at least mine, became to lose all this extra baggage that had piled up through the carnage. ‘Twas a year of healing.

And I think we’ve done very well in that regard. We’re less stressed, we’re less paranoid, less worried. We just post what we want without worrying what others think, and Somnolescent has patched up fully after the blowouts, we even gained a member, it’s good times.

I mean it more than ever when I say I’m thankful to be part of this group, and proud of what we’ve become. I’m closer with each and every one of you and it’s been a wonderful experience.

Now, for me personally, it’s been a bit of a stagnant year, though I think it has been for many people. Though, saying that, it has had its share of little victories. I’m closer than ever to having a site I like, I’ve improved in my art in several ways and tried stuff I never would’ve before, and I’ve become more socially confident and talkative. It feels nice.

And that in turn helps me push forward, despite current events…

No point in doomposting, it’s overdone and we all already know all about all the bad things happening. Tragedy sells and the 24 hour news cycle needs the money, so I won’t talk about that and I won’t pay it any further mind. Much better things to think about, no matter what.

2020 was the year Somnol patched itself up and carried on, and I plan to carry that sentiment into 2021. Got things to do and places to be!

For now though? Spending Christmas with the people I love, even if mostly over the net for now.

Look to the future now,
it’s only just begun~

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