Letters from Somnolescent June 3, 2021

Notice to All Somnolescent Hosting Customers

by mariteaux

One of the primary reasons for our absence over the past six months has been the establishment of an official web hosting venture in Somnolescent Web Hosting. All customers who subscribe to our hosting should have gotten an email notifying them of changes in our internal server structure. This shouldn’t affect the URLs at which your sites are accessible, but anything can happen.

Among the changes internally are:

  • Files can now be uploaded direct to your /home/ directory, as opposed to /home/somnolescent/[your username]/ (this should cut down on other users tampering with your stuff)
  • We have upgraded from that little web server Python comes with to Apache, like real hosting companies use
  • We have verified there’s Pentiums in our server computers
  • Passwords are now hashed, salted, peppered, and grilled over applewood for that semi-sweet flavor
  • PNGs are no longer supported (apologies for the inconvenience)
  • Our host OSes are officially 32-bit clean (guest OSes may still not be)
  • New frontend website (this should entice new people to buy our hosting)

We hope to continue being your web host for years to come!

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