Letters from Somnolescent April 14, 2022

The First Proper Somnol Art Collab!

by mariteaux

Around late March, dcb did a little doodle of Waterfire, which is a sparkledog he made back when some folks in the group were poking at old-school sparkledog stuff for fun.

A sketch of Waterfire

We’ve been wanting to do some more collaborative work for a while yet. Currently, we’ve got Devon working on a character for the Apricot Bay Post Office (among some other brand new OCs that might get a blog post soon), and a few rooms set up for various flavors of Somnolians working on pieces with each other.

About a week ago now (…? time…), I decided to kick it off. I asked dcb for a sketch I could line, and he gave me that Waterfire. I got a bit off-base with the original sketch, but the next morning, I’d lined and colored it (uh, to the best of my abilities):

My attempt at lining that Waterfire sketch

First time drawing a feral, is wonky. (I think I like the sketch better honestly.) But fun! And Waterfire’s colors are amusingly coherent and fun to color in for how sparkledog-y he is. I knew people with serious designs that didn’t look as good.

Hoping for more collabs when we’ve all got the time for them!

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One comment on "The First Proper Somnol Art Collab!"

  • sushi says:

    Liking the sketch better is unfortunately common…
    This is very cute! I’ve done collabs with people every now and again where, usually, I do the sketch and lineart and they color. Always a blast, and can’t wait to see more art on the blog.

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