Letters from Somnolescent June 18, 2022

I don’t have a problem, I swear

by caby

A recently discovered interest of mine is hoarding collecting enamel pins. Something about having a sturdy, shiny, and aesthetically pleasing pin attached to my backpack is very appealing to me, and I’ve ended up with a fair few of them. I’m not currently looking to buy anymore, though I have a fair few in my favourites on etsy,,,

To quell my urge to buy more, I’ll write about the ones I’ve already got instead, alongside a couple photos so you can see how neat and pretty they look too.

Badgers, badgers, and more badgers,,,

First up I’ve decided to gather all of my badger pins into one photo, because it seemed like a tidier way to do things. That black and white badger in a bowtie on the left was one of the first enamel pins I bought, alongside a fox pin further down in this post.

I like the badger badges for obvious reasons,,, but my favourite is definitely the one in the green scarf, it’s super detailed and adorable. If I ever find an erythristic badger pin, I’d buy it in a heartbeat…

The two bowtie boys (as well as the fox) are from Mr Lumpy & Friends, the headshot is from this etsy store, and the scarf boy is from this etsy store.

So pretty *_*

These two pins are so damn adorable that I haven’t even taken them off their backboards yet, I just occasionally look at them and sigh. I bought them from Sugar Bunny Shop. Two G1 My Little Pony characters, Fizzy and Starshine. The attention to detail on these is lovely, and Fizzy, a twinkle eye pony, actually has a gemstone eye! It’s super cool.

Lookit all these bunnies,,

Next up we have a whole bunch of bunnies… These were all bought in a bundle that had gone on sale so they were all crazy cheap each. They came all neatly packaged in a little black box together, which I’ve kept because it’s good to be organised. I think my favourite is the one with the sunflower, but they’re all super cute. As of writing this, these things are still on sale, wack. They can be found here.

Piggo timeeee

Another two pins too precious to take off their backboards (at least not yet…), as well as another cute guinea pig pin that I’ve had on my backpack for a while now. That “adopt don’t shop” pin is *huge* and the other one is pretty hefty too, both far larger than I was expecting, honestly. Super cute though, and the sparkly parts are super fun too. The other piggo pin is definitely a favourite too, fun and cartoony.

The two larger ones I bought from this wonderful shop, and the smaller lad is from here!

Rebellious outliers,,

Next up we have two pins that don’t really fit into any category, they’re just here. The fox, as mentioned before, was one of the first I bought, also with a badger plushie that I need to include somewhere on my site,, The pig is a mystery, I just found it while cleaning my room. I think it’s quite old, but I can’t be sure how old. Either way, it’s an enamel pin and I’m keeping it.

Lastly (but certainly not least!) I have these two new additions to my collection that I am very, very hype about. I love me some Okami, I played the hell out of it on my PS2 back in the day (and I intend on returning to it soon), so when I saw these, I kinda had to. For those unaware, the white wolf is Amaterasu, sun goddess and doof, and the blue and red wolf is Oki, a character you meet later on in the game who is a warrior capable of transforming into a wolf, attempting to defend his village from demons.

These things are rather sizeable, and very nicely detailed. I was worried initially that Oki had a scratch on his tail, but luckily that turned out to be a bit of dirt, and he looked as good as new once I gave them a clean. Super cool, I put them on my backpack immediately upon receiving them,,, These lovely pins can be found here and here!

Now to end off this post, have one more photo for funsies. Here you can see the lil pot I keep my pins in (erythristic badger!!), as well as a free sticker that came with two of the guinea pig pins, being held by a Garf, how kind of him,,,

I have no idea how old that garf is, a quick search online says maybe 1978? He was a gift from my grandparents…

Hope you enjoyed this trip into a fixation on fixations here, and that you’ve learnt your lesson on doing dangerous drugs such as browsing enamel pins on etsy. There’s no going back once you start without some serious rehabilitation. Tru fax, kids.

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