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October 18, 2023

Itty Bitty Trip Doodles


A little while back, I told Cammy about a couple doodles I’d done in my sketchbook on my coach trip home from London after we said our goodbyes and he headed on a plane back home, just trying to cram some little memories onto paper before they disappeared from my head, and he suggested that I should put them on the blog when he finished the trip journal. Thought that was a super cute idea! I had intended on working on it before he finished but time got the better of me, so it is a little late,,, Sorry, Cammy!


December 30, 2022

Four Becomes Five: Find the ones that get you


As the year draws to a close once more, it’s the perfect time to get all retrospective about it. How the last year has gone, what I’ve enjoyed, what I’ve not enjoyed, and just how things have changed, hopefully for the better. I’m currently laying in bed with a wicked case of acid reflux thanks to far too much Christmas food, so what better time to ramble?

September 10, 2022

surprise caby blog post


I’m sat right now at my laptop, in my bedroom, with the window open. It’s about 11pm, it’s a little cold, and I can smell the last few embers of a barbecue my neighbours had earlier this evening. And I’m feeling… normal. It feels like early-mid September, it makes me think of the upcoming spooky season, makes me think about heading into college in the crisper, cooler air, makes me think of Christmas and New Years. I feel normal.


June 18, 2022

I don’t have a problem, I swear


A recently discovered interest of mine is collecting enamel pins. Something about having a sturdy, shiny, and aesthetically pleasing pin attached to my backpack is very appealing to me, and I’ve ended up with a fair few of them. I’m not currently looking to buy anymore, though I have a fair few in my favourites on etsy,,,

o quell my urge to buy more, I’ll write about the ones I’ve already got instead, alongside a couple photos so you can see how neat and pretty they look too.

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