Letters From Somnolescent

May 09 2019

The Web is a Shitty App Platform


I'm a big believer in implementing as little as possible to get the task at hand done. I'm as minimalist as it gets. Proprietary, open source—ultimately doesn't matter to me so long as it gets the job done as simply as it can.

So why in fuck's name did we give everything away to the Web?

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April 30 2019

How a Fusion Drive Ate Our Gopher


If you follow Somnolescent, you'll know we're big fans of the gopher protocol and formerly maintained a server at gopher.somnolescent.net for people to come and peek at.

That gopher's offline and likely will be for a little while, and you can thank a Fusion Drive for taking it, along with my entire music library and all the project files and renders for my next album.

So how'd it happen?

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