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Introducing the Somnolescent Blog
11:48 on April 25 2019

One long-winded night ago, I had the idea of adding a group blog to the site. Maintaining our subsites is fun, but not all of the Somnolians are at that level yet, or have the time to. Plus, it's a little tedious to do it by hand.

I wanted something any one of us can hop on and post about whatever we wanted--rants, rambles, projects, random thoughts, anything of the sort. dcb and I went looking for a PHP-based blogging solution with member functionality, and found it in Nucleus. I think it'll fit the bill quite nicely, and golly, does it look like 2007.

Work's to be done on the design, getting something a little bit more unique, but it's all up and running and functional. Making accounts for everyone now.



dotcomboom wrote:

11:49 on April 25 2019

caby wrote:

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11:58 on April 25 2019

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