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Somnolians showing up to introduce themselves in occasionally ridiculous ways.

August 29, 2019

cheers, love! mon is here!


After 6 months of being a Somnolian and almost two months working on my site, my slice of the Somnolescent website is live! Go check it out, will ya?

May 24, 2019

Inject heroin into my nutsack


Hello hello!
This is your local crackhead vegetable tuning in

April 25, 2019

snake crashes in



*heavy breathing*


just played minecraft for 6 hours how are you all doing? might draw a cat or something [EDIT]: at some point I’ll use this correctly umu

Introducing the Somnolescent Blog


One long-winded night ago, I had the idea of adding a group blog to the site. Maintaining our subsites is fun, but not all of the Somnolians are at that level yet, or have the time to. Plus, it’s a little tedious to do it by hand. I wanted something any one of us can […]