Letters from Somnolescent December 9, 2019

Borb comes to ramble about things

by borb

Hey, its Borb! Your local hyperactive, alien gremlin!


Were steadily approaching the anniversary of, not just the site network, but the anniversary of the group coming together properly as a whole! As I’m considered a senior member, I figured I’d give my input on this special occasion by telling ya’ll a story. I’m gonna do my best to not kill any souls who dare to read this segment by not talking for too long about each topic.

So you guys must be wondering right?

“Hey Borb! How’d you become part of Somnolescent in the first place?” Well, my nonexistent child thought up for the sake of expression! It was the year of 2017 and I knew our resident badger boy, mariteaux as a highschool classmate. I knew him as “big haired guy in a white shirt” and he knew me as “tiny hyper girl”. Sadly, because we were in different classes and because I was a sophomore(year 10) and he was a senior(year 12) graduating later that June, we didn’t have much time in-person to talk. Though, it didn’t ultimately matter because a Discord server made by our mutual school friends would have us talking more consistently. I mentioned my affinity for art at some point and he quickly invited me into a server with a few other people titled “Somnolescent”.

Well, that was the story of how I ended up here. So what was Somnolescent like in 2017? Different would be the easiest way to describe it. Before the arrival of our capybara and snake, we had far different members in our midst. These members were a couple of long-time internet friends known by Cammy and a handful of friends me and him had in highschool who’d expressed an interest in creative stuffs.(We’d always been a creative group even back then.)

I mentioned that these members were far different then our current members. Let me go a bit more into detail about what I meant by that. On the Cammy-internet-friend side, we had a rather peculiar Bulbasaur named Brianna and a… Sylveon? Named Prengle. Not too sure what avatar he was taking on in 2017, but we’ll go with Sylveon for the sake of simplicity and because its the easiest way to guarantee anyone aware is on the same page.

Moving right along, the Bulbasaur was older then pretty much our entire cast at the time and even now at a whopping 27 years old(25 when I joined). This wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t for the more nitty gritty details of her character that for the sake of everyone involved, I will not get too deep into myself. All I will say is that it involves early onset Parkinson’s, manipulation, and things that tap into the realm of illegality. She was eventually removed from the group a year after my appearance after months of petty drama wore patience and sympathy for her thin. I wasn’t involved in said drama, but quickly found myself irritated by her behavior. Prior to that, she referred to herself as a writer, but mostly spent her time complaining and playing Sims. I would go into more detail about her on the projects side, but I’m sure Cammy is already going to release his load into that in his own post so I’ll just allow him the honors since he was the most involved in it. <:3

Now lets get to Prengle! Prengle was a much younger member in comparison at about 16 years old and somehow, it didn’t make his actions any less fucked then the prior’s. Now here’s where I’d talk about his time in the group, talk a bit about his accomplishments, things he contributed to the group basically. The problem with that is that he actually contributed nothing to the group outside of bad vibes and occasional not-even-witty jokes on posts we made. I am not lying when I say the most noteworthy thing about his time in Somnolescent is the fact he whined, complained, and was just a complete asshole out of spite and jealousy for so long that we basically gave up on him. At some point, he coded a site overnight out of spite towards Cammy. He even took a jab at me, a beginner to the world of HTML and CSS, in the process. He may have lasted longer in the group then Brianna, but I have honestly no idea why or how.

Those was Cammy’s old internet friends, now what about our highschool comrades? All of them(outside of one or two of them) didn’t really exist in Somnolescent as much or as actively. In the case of one of our remaining members, Prengle’s attitude made him reluctant to speak. In other cases, they just didn’t seem to see the point in Somnolescent. They believed having a separate server for creation was pointless when we could’ve just made channels in our previously mentioned Discord server. This was before they then proceeded to make their own mock-Somnolescent server as a subtle but blatant jab at Cammy. Eventually, most of them were kicked with only the present one or two remaining as they were the ones who actually gave more then two shits about the group and who its owned by.

Phew! That sure was a mouthful to type! Don’t get too excited, though. Were not done yet. Fast forward to the middle of 2018 and Cammy eventually got himself involved in Neocities, where new and even current members hail from. In the span of a couple months we had 4 new additions to our little family, Dotcomboom, Capy, Neo, and Cheren and it honestly started a sort of renaissance period for everyone involved. Though I sometimes felt out of place or forgotten, it was already a wildly different environment.

I can talk at length about how wonderful of people DCB and Capy are, but I’m sure thats not what you’re here for. You want to hear me talk about the last two, Neo and Cheren and talk about them I goddamn will.

So, Neo and Cheren were a couple that joined one after the other sometime around the time DCB and Capy also joined. Both were artists, both had ocs, both had Toyhou.se, you can only imagine my excitement. Things for awhile looked fine, but then we got to around January 2019 or so. Neo, at this point, was growing rather close to Cammy which supposedly drove Cheren into a bit of a frenzy. The three kept the subtle discourse mostly out of sights of the main group until a sudden leave from Cheren got everyone concerned. We learned that Cheren had actually been incredibly abusive to Neo, threatening him with suicide to get what he wanted, praying on his insecurities and fears, the whole can of worms.

Eventually, Neo is forced to choose between Cammy or Cheren and he chose Cheren. That same day I’m dragged into the shitfest by having both a whining sobbing Neo and an apologetic but also obviously not apologetic Cheren enter my dms. Cammy, at this point had spent a week stressed and tired from these two and didn’t want to talk to them anymore, so I tried my best to step up to the plate. Soon enough, Neo settles and I damn near curse Cheren out before our conversation ends. Me and Cammy enter a call to get our feelings out and it turns out Cheren was likely fucking with us the whole time as he then allows Neo to return to us. Neo, later, ghosts us(Cammy included) entirely and goes ballistic with doxes and insults when Cammy got upset by it.

What an absolute fucking shitshow and it doesn’t even end there but to keep from going on for too much longer about these two, all I will say is anything bad that happens to either of them now is karma coming to collect their debt.

After the departure of these individuals, our group was hurt, but with time, recovered and became stronger then ever. We came to be a group that greatly values one’s personal health and achievements and we bounce off each other for inspiration and motivation. All of us strive for self improvement in various ways and have or desire the power to achieve it. Its the first group I’ve ever been personally apart of or seen casually to function so well together. We’re not just friends; we’re also a team.

This group is unrecognizable to its old self, but that’s a good thing. Like caterpillar to butterfly, or like bud to flower all it did was bloom into something stronger and more beautiful and I can’t be more happy to be a part of it.

Praise bulb, ya’ll.

Lets make the coming years(and the new decade) as great as we can make them!

(P.S. as of the 8th of December 2019, our previous management system for the blog bricked as I was in the process of trying to post this so this is being posted under a shiny new one. Godspeed. )

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