Letters from Somnolescent April 12, 2022

Angel Girls

by caby

First foire into smaller posts on the blog! Decided the angel trio I drew recently would make a good subject matter.

The first to get drawn was Charmaine, mostly as a test to see how my tablet was behaving with my new PC. I initially sketched out the fullbody, which turned out very, very shaky, as you’ll see in a moment. Then, to test my ability to line, I drew that chibi. No sketch for that! I then lined the fullbody and made the background. Here’s the original sketch:

As stated before, super sketchy -w-

I managed to fix this issue by fiddling around in the settings luckily, so there’ll be less shakiness in the next two drawings.

Next I was requested by Cammy to draw a matching Valentine! And thus I did so. Where Charmaine was wearing sort of kawaii-esque fashion, I decided on a more hippie aesthetic for Valentine, as I see her more as a 70s girl than a 90s girl. Super pleased with how this turned out, and I was very glad to have fixed the issue with shakiness,,

Here’s the sketch!

As you can see, far less shaky. I think I erased the guidelines on her face so I could see it better while lining, hence why it looks a bit too clean. As a bonus, this is the only one where the chibi has a sketch, so I’ll throw this here too.

And last but not least, I drew a Lillith to complete the trio! Also because Devon requested it, hehe. For her I decided on a more skater girl-eque aesthetic, because she’s much more of a tomboy than the other two. She also turned out quite pouty.

Super pleased with how this turned out, especially considering Lillith’s silhouette is the hardest for me to work with, as she’s kinda tall and thin. Think she looks cool here, though.

And here’s the sketch! I remember this one took a couple goes, so I’ll post the base shape sketch and the final sketch too so you can compare the two. Started out looking really wonky.

Initial sketch, just throwing shapes at the canvas to get the vague idea down.
Further detail, correcting, adding clothes and hair, etc.

That’s it for now!! Hope this was at least a little interesting to peek at :>

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