Letters from Somnolescent August 13, 2023

trip photos: toronto!

by fiveducks

Hey! I mentioned in my Art Fight post I was in Toronto at the time of posting. Wanna see some photos?

We actually have gone twice this year (so far). The first time Dan and I took the train out Victoria Day weekend, second time we had a little road trip with my big brother. I’ll put photos from both in one big pile, though.

downtown TO

ripley’s aquarium

toronto zoo

Will be posting more photos on my site when I launch fwd 2.0. That’s all for now, though.

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2 comments on "trip photos: toronto!"

  • nyaNezt says:

    Very nice photos. judging from the aquarium ones, it mustve been awesome to visit. i really like the contrast in them too, the blue and white, pleasant to look at. thanks for sharing

    • fiveducks says:

      glad you like! the aquarium was sweet, it was rainy that day so it was such a nice way to fill an afternoon. definitely recommend checking out ripley’s aquarium if you ever find yourself in toronto

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