Letters from Somnolescent October 18, 2023

Itty Bitty Trip Doodles

by caby

A little while back, I told Cammy about a couple doodles I’d done in my sketchbook on my coach trip home from London after we said our goodbyes and he headed on a plane back home, just trying to cram some little memories onto paper before they disappeared from my head, and he suggested that I should put them on the blog when he finished the trip journal. Thought that was a super cute idea! I had intended on working on it before he finished but time got the better of me, so it is a little late,,, Sorry, Cammy!

That said, onto the doodles! I’ve typed out what’s written on each page in case it’s unreadable,, I’ll also try to add some context or extra bits where I can remember it. If you haven’t read it yet and you want a more in-depth view of the trip, absolutely check out the wonderful journal Cammy put together!! I’m peeking at it a bunch,,,

Oh also, sorry for the sucky art, I was tired and all over the place and drawing in a moving vehicle is hard…

CabyCammy crossing the street

(Caby, from the UK, the pedestrian always has right of way)

(Cammy, American, every man for himself)

A little observation that we were making jokes about together at the time, Cammy would always sprint across the road, even at crossings. Until he didn’t, that was the one time a car didn’t stop, resulting in him very nearly getting hit… It was all good though! And just so you know, the bit of Cammy’s brain controlling his speech reacts much quicker than the bit controlling his legs, as he kept walking forwards, further in front of the moving car, while going “oh shit!”.

Carefully curated collection of albums, organised correctly via metadata.

Random mp3s downloaded from YouTube on shuffle

The two sides of autism, the yin and the yang,,,

Attempting (successfully) to eat pot noodle with tea spoons #hotellife

(hotel room had hot chocolate) (and a clean kettle)

The first night in London, as Cammy arrived, I’d booked a normal hotel room at a Travelodge near the centre of the city. It was honestly better than I was expecting, but that doesn’t necessarily mean good… I kid you not when I say that there was no AC, no electric fan, and a little piece of card on the desk recommending that people try to avoid overheating by opening a window and closing their curtains. It was absolutely boiling in there even at night. Luckily it was fine out and about and we spent most of our time wandering and at Heathrow, so it wasn’t a big problem or anything. On the second overnight trip to London before Cammy left, we went to the same hotel but they were out of normal rooms, so I had to splash out on a ~deluxe~ one. This turned out to be a very good idea because there was an electric fan, among other incredible luxuries.

Oh and also we were big dum-dums who bought cup noodles in the shop next door like “oh we have a kettle!!”, completely forgetting we had zero cutlery outside of the teaspoons that were in the tea and coffee tray. We made do.

Old computers in the Science Museum in London

This doodle and the next one are about going to the Science Museum in London on our second trip there. It was just really cute seeing Cammy get so excited and spergy over all the computers,,, He was getting real tense because of a heavy backpack (that I did help carry sometimes,,) and the ridiculous number of school children also there, mostly gathering around the space travel exhibit. But the mood immediately picked up when we saw the computers, as well as the displays on the interwebs,,,

cabyyyyy come look


Ah,,, autism,,, <3

Found the badger display in Cardiff Museum

“Badgers are the best animals in the world” (biased)

“so true so true” (also biased)

Memories of a different museum! The one in Cardiff is not nearly as big and fancy as either of the museums we visited in London, but it’s still a good time,, I drew some bagpusses while we were there, which I think you can see one of those on Cammy’s journal. But this is of a different part of the museum! They have a fairly large collection of taxidermy scenes, one of which is of the one and only, Eurasian Badger! We of course spent much time peeking at them and taking photos~

At Kelly’s Records

This was a memory of the day that I, Cammy and Trys all went into the city centre together to check out a couple shops we’d been intending on going to. The one shown here is Kelly’s Records, a second hand music shop situated in the Cardiff Market. Cammy had a great time there! He had quite a long time there too~

I was fine with this, mind you, but Trys very much hit his limit. We made up for that by taking him to CEX so he could look at Xbox 360 games,,

This one is unfinished, and I stopped drawing or writing after this, because I was getting travel sick… I wish I’d drawn more, though! This trip was a supremely special time and I’m so glad for all the different messages, voice recordings, photos, drawings, anything that reminds me of it. The fact I get to look at a Snowman and think about how my badger plush is over there with Cammy,, feels special! Comforting knowing the little people on the internet are real, especially my Cammy~

More adventures to come!


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  • mariteaux says:

    Told Caby this, but this brightened up my day immediately (I hadn’t seen them before this!) and I miss her and can’t wait to move over there for real~ u///u

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