Letters from Somnolescent December 22, 2023


by connor

A new fighter enters the scene…

Hi, I’m Connor. Or Kazuya. Or Moritani. Whatever you wanna call me, my true and honest given name is Connor. Remember that name, as it’ll be the last thing you’ll ever hear! [just kidding]

I’m the newest (as of posting this) and coolest member of Somnolescent. I’ve known and spoken to the guys here for quite a long time, mostly on-and-off for a couple years. I met them through the dump known as NeoCities when I was but a measly angsty tween around 2018. I never really got a chance to engage in the group as a whole until sometime earlier this year but I’m happy to be here for sure!

I like a wide range of things, from anime, to manga, to obscure PC doujinsoft games that nobody knows much about anymore but me! But really, my main passions lie within 90s-2000s pop-rock, old shoujo anime and Japanese visual kei music. And old janky Ao Oni fangames. (They just have an untouchable spirit, okay? You wouldn’t get it.)

What you’ll mostly hear from me will either be logging about my favorite games or anime, logging about development progress on my own games, music reviews, blogs about my own music and what went into the creation of it, music production autism and more.

I don’t have my own site on here yet, but I’ll definitely make one within the near future. I hope to continue to be a part of Somnolescent for decades, centuries and milleniums to come!

(btw, my main weapon is a Fender Stratocaster. don’t fuck with the Strat.)

About connor

When I'm not smashing away at my keyboard in RPG Maker XP, I'm writing edgy anime music and pop-rock on my guitar. Or I'm writing here!

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