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December 8, 2023

The mtlx Chronicle II


The original art from the original release of Last Summer

Back in January 2020, dcb wrote up his search for an elusive indie-electronic EP released on MP3.com: mtlx’s Last Summer. While he located a CD case for it at the library, the disc was missing–and unfortunately, the trail went cold from there.

I’m happy to bring you the entirety of Last Summer now! Yes, it’s been located, along with some words from one of its equally-elusive creators. Better yet, Somnolescent has been given the go-ahead to release a restored and expanded limited edition CD of the EP. Let me bring you up to speed. Apologies if I sound a little odd, it’s been an exciting day.

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December 1, 2023

Happy Five Years: The 2024 Infrastructure Upgrade Plans


Normally at this time, I’d be bringing you the next installment of First Draft, but I just had no desire to work on it this past month despite having a wallop of an album to do it on–chalk that up to working 35 hours a week at retail, I suppose. Instead, given that it’s December and that means the Somnolescent retrospectives and prospectives start rolling off the line soon (five years of the group being officially reborn on the 20th!), I figured I’d ramble a bit about the group instead, and more specifically, updating things around here.

We fell off the site stuff a little over lockdowns, and when things opened back up, obviously, we were more concerned with going outside and getting on with life than updating our silly animal people pages. This has left some of them out-of-date, sometimes woefully so. I think we’re all feeling the desire for it again–dcb_v5 just launched in October, fwd_v2 has just launched–so let me tell you about my own plans to update Somnolescent’s web presence. There’s a lot.

November 16, 2023

matfloor is No Longer With Somnolescent


I debate making posts like this. Letters is normally a place where we as Somnolians come to share what we’re into or what we’re up to, but it’s also the only spot I truly have for making announcements about group matters. I feel supremely silly every time someone leaves the group, given how private we are and how Somnolescent is nothing without each person that’s a part of it. That’s why I often don’t make mention of when people go. That said, I’ve seen people try to attack us in parting, so I’m defending my group.

Devon, matfloor, has been removed from Somnolescent. We’ve seen her become increasingly unhinged and flat out out of pocket racist over the past few months. This came to a very violent head this afternoon. We hope she gets healthier and comes to her senses, but as of today, she is no longer associated with the group. Her sites will remain up on archives and her posts on Letters, as is customary.

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November 1, 2023

First Draft: Pixies’ Come On Pilgrim


Pixies' Come on Pilgrim

Rarely do albums come out right on the first shot. Labels reject them, bands disown them, and they get added onto after release. Here on First Draft, we take a look at albums that got cut down or remade and see what difference the changes made.

This review looks back on the Pixies’ debut EP Come On Pilgrim, the infamous purple tape it came from, and the re-records of the leftover material scattered throughout the rest of their initial run, and whether or not the EP would’ve been better served as a full album.

October 18, 2023

Itty Bitty Trip Doodles


A little while back, I told Cammy about a couple doodles I’d done in my sketchbook on my coach trip home from London after we said our goodbyes and he headed on a plane back home, just trying to cram some little memories onto paper before they disappeared from my head, and he suggested that I should put them on the blog when he finished the trip journal. Thought that was a super cute idea! I had intended on working on it before he finished but time got the better of me, so it is a little late,,, Sorry, Cammy!


October 17, 2023

Art Recaps: September 2023


At present, six different people in Somnolescent draw—that’s a lot of art! Though we stopped doing the full-blown recaps last year, I thought it would be fun to turn the art highlights section from those recaps into their own recurring monthly post. This, of course, means going up halfway into the month, because I get up to too much and sometimes deadlines slip. We’re not a corporation here, just a cult.

The deal was simple: I asked each of the Somnolians to submit the one drawing they did during the month that they’re most proud of or have the most to say about along with anywhere from a paragraph to a small essay about it. We’ve got a nice grab bag of everything for the start of autumn. Click the images for full-size!

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October 1, 2023

First Draft: Failure’s Magnified


Failure's Magnified

Rarely do albums come out right on the first shot. Labels reject them, bands disown them, and they get added onto after release. Here on First Draft, we take a look at albums that got cut down or remade and see what difference the changes made.

This second edition examines the home demos that almost comprised Failure’s second album, 1994’s Magnified.

September 24, 2023

So I’ll make my clothing myself


Second hand clothing market is cesspool. Searching for decent clothes I like and are of good, natural materials in Normal price is a very… masochistic nowadays. So I decided to torture myself more and make most of my new wardrobe myself.

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