Letters from Somnolescent July 4, 2019


by mariteaux

I can remember the last time I had a proper Minecraft server with a group of friends. It was in 2012 or so, when a close friend of mine bought me the game and invited me onto his little public server. (Naturally, since we were spergy kids, I was a co-admin. Too many roles and plugins was just what ya did.) His friends were there, and sometimes, even other little kids would pop in to destroy everything because 1.2.5 was horribly broken and you could session steal like a motherfucker. Good times.

The bug for this game has never quite left me, and Caby and some of the other Somnolians having gotten their hands on it prompted me to set up a little server of our own. A lot’s been done on it. Lemme show you around.

Somnoville landscape

Somnoville wasn’t actually our first attempt at a server, just the first one we were actually interested in building on. I generated a world (r1.8.9, as always), a swamp bordering a savanna and a forest, and set up a little shack for myself, as I usually do. Caby was there, and she stayed with me for a bit (not complaining~), and for a while, things were slow.

But these things spiral, as they always do. mon, dcb, and borb all showed up within the next week or so. I really wanted this thing to be a town, a big, sprawling survival world we could populate as a group, share resources, and go nuts building whatever. That was April. So far, it’s gone pretty smoothly.

Storage facility

I’ll admit: a good chunk of this world has been my own builds, but not exclusively. Far from it! mon’s been hard at work on a big dome with animals grazing up at the top, Caby’s the server’s resident flower girl, and borb…built a granite dick.

Appreciate it, borb.

Flower tunnel because Caby's gay and soft (and MINE)

If I can get just a touch mawkish for a moment, I’ve found Minecraft‘s really the ideal tune out game. Somnocraft as a server coincided with a really shaky home situation that, without going into detail, could’ve well prevented it from continuing. There were more than a few days the past couple months where all Caby and I did was build and be soft, and it’s been good to have around for that.

Badger Den

Thankfully, things are a lot more stable now. We don’t play as often as we used to—about once a week now—but builds are still getting built and Somnolians are still climbing on. I can’t really show off everything in a blog post, obviously, but I’ll have a page up on the main Somnolescent site showing off everything sometime this month.

I didn’t want these lovely screenshots (taken by our snake boy dcb, much appreciated) to go to waste, though, so here’s a couple right now.

mon's dome (really nice lighting in this one)

Here’s hoping we keep Somnoville growing well into the future.

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