Letters from Somnolescent September 3, 2019


by borb

Hi hi! Its your local trash goblin here with an announcement. I have officially redesigned my site and its looking a whole lot less crusty now~ —>

Its got a new look, new graphics(This time, specifically designed for the site unlike the previous ones. The previous ones were done separately without the site in mind but used for the site anyway) new links, and a couple hidden goodies to find on the pages. :3c They aren’t difficult to find and are fun to leave behind~

I can’t state exactly when I’ll update the site with more material, but I can say that it will happen soon enough now that I have it set up. <:3

In other news, IIIIIII’VE started school again! 😀

I technically graduated last June, but I decided to return for an extra school year to take life skills classes. They aren’t all that interesting overall, but I’m taking sculpture which may prove to be interesting considering I don’t get to experiment as much as I wish I could.

Gonna finally learn origami I think which is DOPE.

Anyway, I think this sums up what I’ve been up to lately pretty nicely.

I’ll catch ya later!

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Hyperactive, loud, and the shortest member of Somnolescent. Likes to draw, write, and play video games in between fits of screaming. Basically the group's resident anime and dinosaur fanatic.

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