Letters from Somnolescent November 28, 2023

fwd 2.0 is now live

by fiveducks

Hey! Been working on something the last month-ish. It’s a little late for fwd’s one-year anniversary, but close enough, right?

fwd 2.0’s inspired by the kids’ sites in the 2000s I grew up on, where you click around and explore a physical area. I kinda mused to the group, “it would be fun to do a site that’s all image maps,” as if that wasn’t something I could do. But I can! And it’s here.

(There’s three different experiences depending on whether you’re on desktop, mobile, or in a browser that doesn’t support images, by the way, so do explore.)

Still a work in progress (the dump and archives are under construction, and I’d like to fancy up Wisp’s mobile page), but the majority of it’s in place. Go check it out!

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