Letters from Somnolescent August 19, 2022

wi(s)p: five years in and one page up

by fiveducks

As an average 20-something Canadian, you’ve got enough on your plate—rent’s going up, you can’t afford gas for that van you bought last summer, the ghost in your apartment insists on watching you pee, and you’re not 100% sure what to do now that you’ve dropped out of college. Twice.

Well, you’ve got Wisp. But do you really want to be paid peanuts to chase down sock gremlins and exorcise demons for the rest of your life?

the average undead canadian

Wisp is an urban fantasy dramedy centered around the titular paranormal investigation startup and the two weirdos who founded it.

dom and cass—two cofounders sharing three total braincells

You can acquaint yourself with Dom, Cass, and the rest of the (literally) colourful cast on my Toyhouse.

Wisp is the kind of comic where in the first chapter the protagonist– you know what? Let me show you.

congratulations! you’re the first to see the (finalized) first page of wisp, other than the rest of somnol

“Hey, fiveducks, is this seriously all you’ve got to show after five years of work?”

Yes. No? Listen, I started work on Wisp in high school and its about two 20-somethings running a business—a 17-year-old is not equipped to tell that story well.

I’m going to be releasing these one chapter at a time (likely biweekly) and I want a backlog to avoid excessive hiatuses—so I won’t be really publishing for a good long while. I do have loads of chapters storyboarded and a handful of pages 100% done, I’m just treating this more like a novel/TV show than an off-the-cuff webcomic.

However, there’s a whackload of content on the cutting room floor I’d like to show you, along with details on my process (and maybe more sneak peeks).

like ghostbusters meets scooby doo meets bojack horseman meets…

A small comic about inspiration. Or theft.

“Wow, that sounds really tonally dissonant.”

Yeah, probably!

Anyways, I’m going to get more into the what, how, and other dirty details in the future. This was just a little introduction.

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