Letters from Somnolescent September 13, 2022

And A Page Turns

by sushi

to reveal a new canvas to doodle on.

Right! Well, um, and so, I’m sushi. I find new things to attach to the end of that name all the time, but let’s play it safe. To any reader I don’t know, nice to meet you! To everyone else, whassup?

I’ve been friends with a handful of Somnolians for a few years now, beginning with my humble days a tween on Neocities and standing strong where we are now. It was only recently, after everyone realized that Somnol doesn’t work in a public server alongside a crowd of pretentious wannabe Linux users, that I was brought into the cabin. It’s quite warm here.

I can’t guarantee you’ll find as many animal people in my corner. That being said, play nice with my representative wolf. His name is Arc, and you can find a little more concept art on his Toyhouse. I wanted a cool animal that could be drawn as expressive or stone-faced as I saw fit, and I thought- agh, dammit, I just think wolves are cool, and I like the “cool wolf” archetype in media. That’s all!!

Things have been a little quiet for me lately ever since I got my job and a graphics card… well, I shouldn’t say “quiet” as much as I should “lazy.” I have my screen tablet hooked back up though, and resumed work on my comic. It doesn’t have a name yet, but if you at all like Elizabeth and or hard black shading, I think you’ll enjoy it.

That’s it for the time being. I haven’t (yet) got my own site like the rest of Somnol, but I’ll be leaving letters every now and again. See you soon!

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About sushi

If not overthinking my next blog post, probably lounging somewhere else talking about fighting games or anime. Digital artist with a fondness for dark, esoteric character designs and shading. Keep yourself alive!!

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