Letters from Somnolescent November 12, 2022

working to take a break from work

by fiveducks

This is going to be a quick one. Hi again!

I took the last week off of work for a staycation. I haven’t actually had a break since before I started college in 2018, so it was long, long overdue. As I’m dedicated to staying in character, instead of relaxing, I learned HTML and built a website from scratch, which launched yesterday.

“this is autism” -caby, 2022

In complete fairness, this is a bit less impressive because I’ve built sites using drag and drop site builders like Shopify and Webflow. I got what <h1> and <p> tags are, and I think I formatted an HTML table once.

Still, I’m the least technically proficient person in Somnolescent, and in a lot of ways I was starting from square one.

Like with a lot of recent developments (starting to share art online again, for example), Somnol’s what made me start learning and want to try. I mean, I actually started my learning with Tesserae, so they get all the credit.

I made a joke to Cammy that, now that I’ve got my own site, I’m canonically a Somnolian after seven years.

Can I get sappy for a second? Because it feels true, and I’ve never been this connected to the group before. I’ve mentioned it to them, but what I used to refer to as “the group chat” to my boyfriend, I now just call “my friends.”

Anyways, that’s it for now. My new site’s live, so go check it out for more art and photos from me!

And thank you for all the support.

About fiveducks

Canadian writer/artist/hermit. The raccoon living in your basement.

3 comments on "working to take a break from work"

  • mariteaux says:

    One of us, one of us! :marfevil:

    No seriously, I’ve said it before, but it’s definitely really nice having you embedded in the group more. Absolutely the best thing to happen to us this year.

    Still super impressed with this site and how clean it is, markup and layout. I think you’re the only person whose first site I can say that about (other than maybe me? But I can’t tell you what my actual first hand-built site was, it was still HTML3 garbage probably…)

    • fiveducks says:

      Hee, happy to hear it! Tesserae’s been a super good resource for someone just starting out, so I really do want to give you guys credit for putting it together.

  • devon says:

    it’s incredible how quickly you got it done, especially with that it’s your first site. i love how clean is and lad on side is always good design choice >>:3c

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