Letters from Somnolescent August 6, 2023

art fight 2023 (first blood)

by fiveducks

Hey! Been a while. Been a weird year.

I participated in Art Fight for the first time last month. Call it part of my “being less of a hermit” arc. Which is funny because I dropped Twitter and barely pay any attention to any other social media. (I did say less of a hermit.)

But enough about the downfall of the modern internet, I’m here to talk about Art Fight. Which also wound up having drama, funnily enough, though I didn’t pay much attention.

I know folks in Somnol have some mixed feelings on how this year went. I guess I do too, but I’ve got mixed feelings on everything all the time. The theme was vampires vs. werewolves, which– yeah, they inadvertently pitted the furries against everyone else.

I joined team vamps, natch. Drew this Berry:

Anyway, want some art highlights?

death from above!

Not my very first piece of the month, but it was fun to kick off the fight with a dynamic group pic. I was planning on doing a little sequel piece to cap it off, but I couldn’t find the time or the right mood. Still, got to experiment with a crunchy brush (actually the default CSP pen with anti-aliasing off—also I bought CSP more on that eventually, maybe). Super fond of it, I’m redrawing site graphics with this look.


Deenosars’ Hale in demon form (because, y’know, I gotta draw a pink demon).

This is probably still my favourite piece of art fight. Snappy posing, a decent-looking prop, super flashy. I think I want my art to look like this all the time (certainly Wisp, just less polished and time consuming).

Once change I would make? More flashiness. I want to have to put an epilepsy warning on it.

some rapid-fire picks

corpse’s Sylvia and Carmella.
Rikuru’s Yasuda (I referenced a pose from One Punch Man for this, wanted something super anime).
Pennyverse lads! The books took… time.
Retrorebot and Sandra K’s Sora and Lecks

going home

In terms of finished pieces, this was the most productive month I’ve had since last November (17 attacks, not too bad). I fiddled around with brushes and styles, tried some different kinds of characters, got some cute pieces back, and really loved the responses I got on these. All in all, it was a good fight.

It was also the most social interaction I’ve done online in a long time, which is strangely exhausting in its own special way. I’m also noticing some things about what I want out of my art, and what I hope for next year. I got mostly art of Berry, which was adorable and I loved! But I’m thinking I’ll hide my sonas to try and get that love spread around the rest of my lads next time.

And I will be there next year! Listen, I’ve got a bad habit of doing something once, getting really shaken up or discouraged, and nuking it. I don’t know, ego and shame are my main driving forces. I’d like to keep plugging away at it, because I know I’m capable of plugging away at things.

Although, towards back end of July, I found myself really itching to just draw Wisp lads again. I kind of missed looking at their faces? Wanted to apply some of what I tried with other people’s characters, and I dove right back into it as soon as I wrapped up my last handful of revenges. It felt good! It felt like coming home.

That’s all I’ve got right now. Ironically at the time I scheduled this I won’t be at home, I’ll be in Toronto, very likely filling up at a churrascaria. So, uh, I’m gonna get back to my meats.

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