Letters from Somnolescent December 31, 2023

Happy Five Years: For Auuuuld Lang Syyyyne

by caby

Hey there! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, celebrated or not, and that folks are looking forward to the new year,, I feel a little overconfident in saying it, but I think I am,,

I’ve tried to write this blog post several times over in the past few days, and honestly my brain has been total mush. I got sick sometime after Christmas day, I’ve been busy, I’ve been drawing up a storm, and I’ve been thinking about a lot of stuff, a lot of stuff I’ve enjoyed and stuff I’m looking forward to.  I finished college this year finally, I was accepted into university and have now finished my first term, I met Cameron in person at long last and had a wonderful time wandering around both London and Cardiff with him. It’s been a good year!

It’s also been a good online, in a couple ways. Cammy was rather insistent that I talk about how things have been going as far as social media goes, which is something I’m proud of, really. Most notable is the fact that I hit 6k followers on tweeter! A gain of about 4-5k since the start of the year, which is completely and utterly nuts. I also hit 2k on youtube, a platform that I will absolutely be posting more to in the new year, I prommy. All of that plus the income I’ve got from commission work has really encouraged me to keep pushing at this, and I’m deeply thankful to be able to do something that I genuinely love and have an audience that also peeks at it,, There’s a lot I wanna do! A lot to look forward to,, Just a big, big thank you to everyone and anyone who has made this possible for me, friends, mutuals, folks who like or comment or whatever else, means the world to me.

On a more small, personal note, I’m hoping to focus some more time and energy towards the network in the new year. Firstly I absolutely want to contribute properly to the zine (absolutely accepting suggestions for bits that would make funny comics,,), and then I want to work on my site finally. I’m not promising anything big because I know that’s what scares me away from it, but I do absolutely miss having a lil home on the site,, Plus the caby.art site!! Man, I have a lot I wanna do, but I choose to be excited about it rather than nervous. Nervous is so 2023, 2024 is about being ballsy as fuck.

To end off this little disorganised ramble before my brain turns entirely to mush, I just wanna go ahead and thank my friends again for all the good times and support you’ve given, I don’t know where I’d be without you folks. Somnolescent has been a thoroughly rocky place at times, but I’m immensely glad to have stuck around, and that all of you have too. Couldn’t ask for a better bunch of buds,,  Writing this paragraph just after hopping off a Cammy stream where he played Sly Cooper while quite thoroughly sozzled and he didn’t die once, I swear. Silly stuff like that is honestly so special to me. I love all of you and your fantastic senses of humour,,

Here’s to a good new year, much more fun, much more collaboration, many more silly animal people. Love you all very very much,,

(I only drank a little I prommy)

About caby

welsh cosmic hippie sperg and cavy fan that may or may not write a new blogpost in the near future. depends on a multitude of variables...

2 comments on "Happy Five Years: For Auuuuld Lang Syyyyne"

  • dcb says:

    Happy 2024, Caby!! It’s been so cool to see your art presence grow online, it’s super deserved. And you’re doing awesome with uni too! I know it can make every day feel super super busy.. You’ve been a great friend, and I’m excited for what you have in store, in whichever medium it may be.

    And Somnol, it’s been an absolute pleasure to share 2023 with you guys. You’re all so talented and fun to be around, and while there have been rough patches and days for sure, we’ve grown a lot through all of it. I know it’s a trope to say the group’s the strongest it’s ever been but… yeah, you’re all a good bunch. Thanks for being here, each of you, it makes my day just that brighter. Here’s to more tomfoolery (and projects!, and calls!, and pages!?!) in 2024!

  • mariteaux says:

    I can confirm I have been extremely On The Sauce this evening. Alcoholized, if you will. Good times!

    2024 is ours for the taking–making money, having presences we’re happy with, and having a good time. I’m really encouraged to keep doing these streams, given the really positive and surprisingly large reaction they’ve gotten. Love hanging out with folks, can’t wait to have more people on stream too!

    And I can’t wait to see you again, man, that’s the goal now and forever~ >///>

    (If anyone thinks that we don’t read each other’s blog posts, by the way, we do–we just commentate on them in the Discord rather than in our own comments section.)

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