Letters from Somnolescent February 28, 2024

caby.somnol is live once more

by caby

So! It finally happened, I finished up a site!

I’m really genuinely happy with how this turned out, and I hope folks enjoy having a look around! Thank you kindly to Cammy for all the support, both emotional and technical, and for everyone for being so damn patient. Two whole years without a site,, I felt empty, honestly. Like I was missing something,, But! It’s here! Good times, man, good times.

Anywhom, the inspiration for this one was more flash game than site, which I think turned out for the best. I wanted it to feel lively and interactive and comfy too. It’s the type of site I remember enjoying the most, the ones with interactive flash elements.. Obviously not using flash here, but the heart is the same.

So yeah, feel free to wander around! See what ya find,,

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