Letters from Somnolescent December 31, 2019

Auld Lang Syyyne

by caby

It is currently quarter past midnight on the 1st of January. 2020 is upon me, though it’s another couple hours for everyone else in Somnolescent. Either way, welcome to the future. I’m drinking Bucks Fizz.

I started this decade young, excited and totally and utterly out of my depth. School went to shit pretty quickly upon entering high school and friends have always been a bit of a floaty concept until this year. It’s all been a learning process but one I needed.

There’s a lot swimming through my mind right now though none of it is very concrete. It’s probably mostly a mixture of stuff I’ve already said before in other blog posts. I guess mostly I’m both excited and nervous for the new decade. It’s gonna be the first decade of mine where I am the one in charge of what I do with it. Was a child this decade, next decade? An actual adult, not a teenager, not stuck in the school system. It’s spooky but man I can’t wait.

A lot I want to get done, mostly boiling down to getting across the Atlantic ocean and gaining independence. I was 10 at the start of the last decade and I’ll be 30 by the end of this next one. Will hopefully be married by then. Hell, might be a mother. So many possibilities. Spent this year beginning the healing process for real, I hope to continue that, too.

Love you guys, hope you all stick around. We’ve been through a lot and had an absolute blast, in my humble opinion. Wouldn’t be the same without you all. I appreciate every single one of you for the fantastic people you are.

Especially you, Cameron, you wonderful bastard. I’d get sappy here but I’m saving that for our anniversary~

Happy 2020, all. Hope it works out for all of you.

what a funky little cult

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