Letters from Somnolescent November 30, 2019

11/30 – Inspiration (or Self-Defeat)

by bulb

It’s been slower around here leading up to the holidays, but still worth getting a small recap out the door before the rush of blog posts lined up in December. Oh, and we gotta talk about that…

dcb’s Site Improvements

dotcomboom’s been quietly working on adding to his site, and he’s got a good variety of stuff going on now besides his programs: more photos, tech essays and documentation, a repository of ancient Windows 2000, PocketPC, and Palm software, a microblog, and even outposts of his own now. He’s also been playing with the theme to make phones happy, so try it out everywhere and let him know what you think.

Streaming Again!

Yes, I (mariteaux) am streaming again. You might remember when I used to stream on YouTube rather regularly, but I had to stop since I moved back home to our cornfield internet. Turns out, we can support a stream just fine now; thus, streaming resumes. We inaugurated this second coming of meanietux by playing PopCap games. Great fun. Made me appreciate Bejeweled more.

I’m streaming at the same time I did way back when, Saturday evenings, usually around 5PM EST. Come hang out and subscribe so you don’t miss the Somnolians making fun of the usual suspects.

mari’s Scratchpad

I’ve had a habit of both neglecting the blog and skipping writing about things because I fear I’d drown out everyone else’s posts. Hell, I kinda already do. With that in mind, I hacked together a WordPress theme to start with and got a proper personal blog up on my subdomain. I plan to use it for project updates and rambles I don’t have a real point to make for. In essence, it’s a brain dump. That is the plan.

Blog Posts

But of course, back to Letters From Somnolescent…I’ve been rambling about music, and Caby got in on the action with an insomniac ramble of her own.

  • Antigravity Freedom Machine by Caby (October 11): “Stuff happened and he and his company were responsible for The Rock-afire Explosion, an animatronic act which I cannot possibly do justice. If you like animatronics they’re great and if you don’t then uh, big spooky.”
  • How the Goldfish Man Changed My Life by mariteaux (November 2): “I’m not making the case the album’s gonna convert anyone who’s not already signed up to the mailing list, but if you are on board, This Desert Life is one of the most overlooked, solid, and consistent records they’ve ever made.”
  • End it Someday: Looking Back on With the Lights Out by mariteaux (November 23): “Yet, it’s all of those things just a little because of how skilled Nirvana really were. These are such good songs that when it fails, you can look the other way, and when it wins, you celebrate.”

And if you think these are one-offs, just wait, there’s gonna be a ton of posts on the blog starting very soon. Actually, speaking of that…

A Year Under the Bulb

December 20 has become Somnolescent’s official birthday (it’s when our domain was registered!), and one whole year of the cult is coming up very soon. There’s a lot to say about it, about where Somnolescent came from, the people we left behind, and where we’re headed come the next decade. To that end (because I’ll possibly be traveling during the holidays), I’ve already queued up a bunch of my end of the year posts, and some of the Somnolians have stories of their own to share to keep the blog busier than ever.

If you’re not following our RSS feed on something, I’d highly recommend doing so so you don’t miss anything. Only growing from here. Get in on the cult business early, you know?

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