Letters from Somnolescent December 9, 2019

Emergency WordPress Migration Completed!

by mariteaux

Like the 24-hour flu, Letters from Somnolescent recently underwent its own 24-hour bit of chaos and peril after Nucleus (our old CMS) decided to test my patience. I planned to migrate us to WordPress next year, but given the circumstances, I couldn’t risk people not being able to log in.

If you’re reading this, it’s already complete. We’re on WordPress. Posts, comments, everything’s been migrated over seamlessly. Here’s a comparison shot of the old site versus the live site as I write this:

Nucleus on the left, WordPress on the right
Nucleus on the left, WordPress on the right

I’m honestly surprised this only took about 24 hours, I was expecting a shitshow. Needless to say, we’re all pretty hype. (And WordPress’ editor is so damn comfy, gosh.)

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Top asshole at Somnolescent, cosmic hippie sperg badger boy, writer, musician, and obsessive about Cabys. I actually do like long walks on the beach, thank you.

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