Letters from Somnolescent August 11, 2022

recent photos, 08/08 – 11/08

by devon

I still have few drafts that are sitting around here and waiting to be finished, but I have some photos I want to show you in meantime.

I actually intended to publish few posts I had in drafts for a while last week, but some life circumstances messed things up and I couldn’t write as much I wanted. I planned to write two years retrospective since few days ago, two years passed since I started matfloor.

I was tired by past few months and I really needed some rest, especially after managing to do 21 colored at least half-body attacks (including few scenes!) this Art Fight alongside having a job which drained me completely. Still, satisfied of what I managed to do and how I started to break out of my confort zone. Which frankly is huge step for me, one that will allow me to start doing what I actually want and not scared of just fucking things up, basically.

I was happy when I finally had an opportunity to visit my family in different region of the country, despite being mostly alone at their place it was still good. Had a chance to take some great shots though!

This one is my one of my favorites. I needed to get some things from one store which happened to be in a dead mall – except this store, there’s a fast fashion store and a pharmacy only. Similar to one mall that I have in my home city, after Tesco ceased operations in my country lot of structures, often full-blown malls built for them became abandoned. Some got new tennants for just for a short while, some got vastly different uses nowdays.

When I posted in it in our server, it quickly became a favorite. It’s one of my faves too, like Caby said – very devoncore. It turned out to be a good photo drawover material too and my sona matches it perfectly! Thanku Caby again!

After that I wanted to go to see artificial lake which before I only managed to see out of a car window and take few shots of towering power plant but this time, I got here in perfect time.

Lightning was so perfect, I didn’t had much chance to take photos during golden hour in ages. Was worth it, definitely!

Since my region is pretty much dead and there’s not much of stores, not even and IKEA that isn’t 250km away,,, Got some things I needed and was busy earlier, but had a chance to take few shots in self-service warehouse which is my kinda place (I love industrial looking interiors).

These are from today, just taken few hours ago. Caught a bit of good light today and totally had to and these commieblocks were too good to not snap some shots of them,,,

I got few other shots I didn’t show because they are either same-y, very personal or something I left for photo pages on matfloor (which desperately needs more content and regular updates) or for future layout use. Generally very satisfied with what I got so far, still got few days free before my schedule gets hectic until mid-September. Though I’ll try to draw and keep things updated, catch up with planned posts and start working on three site redesigns I wanted to have done for a good while.

It feels good to have camera with you daily and have fun again while taking photos. Missed it a lot.

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