Letters from Somnolescent December 20, 2022

Four Becomes Five: Four Years of Somnol!

by bulb

A quick happy birthday to Somnolescent before the day’s out here on the east coast. I consider Somnolescent’s official birthday to be December 20th, 2018, which was the day I unveiled the website hosting and domain officially and started letting folks get set up. Funnily enough, I bought more server hosting today: a Minecraft server for me and the lads, a proper one, 24/7, running my Pinède pack so we can all get our fantasy animal fix.

To be honest, these days, I’m feeling a bit stiff and overwhelmed, so I spent most of today playing that instead. I have presents I haven’t wrapped and opened boxes of gifts (and a project Mac I have to clean up) across the floor of my bedroom. I mostly didn’t want to let today pass without marking the occasion publicly. (I did want to do some kind of sketch with this, but man, I went years without drawing and it was all good. A lil simple post is fine.)

2018 was four years ago. Four! To think I’ve known Caby and dcb (and known about Devon) for almost half a decade, and Savannah (as she wrote in her retrospective on her time in the group a few days ago) for almost a full one. Not bad, since some folks said we’d be out and done in four months, huh?

There’s a lot more to say about Somnolescent this year; I’m working on a bigger post about it. Some of it’s about people who have left us this year. Some of it’s about the reigning vibe in the group now (much improved since said people left). Some of it’s still about me and my aforementioned ability to overwhelm myself.

Somnolescent’s a bunch of things, but most of all, it’s something that I mentioned wanting as a preteen all the way back in the origins post: a little group of friends all hiding the bulb all over their artwork. Something we all believe in and somewhere we all come home to and share guinea pig memes and stories about our day in. I’ve finally got that now, and more. There’s travel plans within the next six months and boxes of foreign snacks and doodles being shipped between us as we speak.

Somnolescent, four years after its official inception, is finally feeling how it should. And really, isn’t maturity the best birthday gift of them all?

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3 comments on "Four Becomes Five: Four Years of Somnol!"

  • dcb says:

    While it’s still the 20th over here: habby bulbday, here’s to many more >>:3c

  • fiveducks says:

    just a little late but happy bulbday, looking forward to reading your big long post too o7 o7 o7

  • devon says:

    real late but i remember when you first left neocities and i can’t believe it’s 4 years already. we’re better and more comfier than before, it’s just fun to be here and always look forward to jumping into chatting with you when i come back home. it’s very important thing for me. thanku

    happy bulbday!

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